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Trophy Whitetail
Hunting Prices
1 (304) 832-6635

Season runs September 1 to January 31st

• 120 - 130” $2,000
• 130 - 140” $2,700
• 140 - 150” $3,200
• 150 - 160” $3,600
• 160 - 170” $4,400
• 170 - 180” $5,000
• 180 - 190” $5,800
• 190 - 200” $6,200
• 220 - 250” $7,500-$9,000
• 250 - 300” $9,500
• 300 - 400” $9,500-$13,000

Reservations and Payment
Reservations will be held for
10 days awaiting deposit.
A %50 deposit is required on each hunt
All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE
We accept all major credit cards.

ATTENTION: A "draw blood" policy is in effect.
Fees are due for "wounded animals".
All hunts are Guaranteed Kill.

Come and experience the ultimate West Virginia trophy whitetail deer hunting at Mountain Meadow  Hunting Preserve. We are a HIGH FENCED HUNTING PRESERVE situated on 600 acres of beautiful rolling mountain meadows and hard wood forest. Located in Monroe County, West Virginia.

When you are on a stand you will get to see the majestic Whitetail in his natural environment and watch the interaction between the animals. You will marvel at the body size and antler development of our animals…and when the one you want to harvest appears you will have the satisfaction of knowing it will be an animal you will be very pleased to hang in your trophy room.

Our Hunters can harvest some of the largest class trophy whitetail's managed at our Preserve. The Trophy Whitetail Hunt provides each hunter the opportunity to see numerous mature trophy whitetail and select the buck that best suits their own personal trophy criteria. You will hunt from one of comfortable blinds you will go to the field with one of our professional guides. Hunters can expect to see an average of 10-20 trophy whitetail bucks per day.

We offer a variety of stand locations to put you in range of that elusive trophy whitetail buck, including: tree stands, natural ground blinds and enclosed heated stands. Each hunter will have an experienced guide to assist them with their hunt. This Trophy Whitetail Hunt is sure to be an experience you will remember forever.

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